2017/66 Euro 6 Mercedes Sprinter 516CDi MWB Versalift ETM-36-F6 
This one owner machine has been well looked after all it’s life, it’s had 8 weekly inspections from new, just like a wagon on an ‘O’ licence (it is O licence exempt, but the company policy was to maintain it regardless) and the Versalift platform has been maintained by Versalift themselves. 
It’s a Euro6 Diesel engine which means you won’t have to worry about the low emission zone, or the expansion of the ULEZ in London, or the large number of local Clean Air Zones that are popping up around the country. Birmingham’s city centre CAZ started this year, Greater Manchester’s CAZ starts next year - and Manchester’s covers a vast area from near Wigan in the west to Saddleworth in the east. Many more local Clean Air Zones are starting up or are planned, so upgrading to Euro6 is a sensible idea. 
The paintwork is Mercedes Obsidian Black, it’s the later Sprinter model so the front end looks more modern than the older ones, and like most Merc vans it drives superbly - this feels like a van that’s done half the mileage. 
The van has been owned by a company that had a nationwide customer base so it’s done above average mileage, but it’s been travelling from service station to service station, so the mileage racked up has been “easy” motorway miles and at 56mph it’s not been worked hard. The interior shows a similar lack of wear - it’s not brand new, and I steer clear of the word “immaculate” but it’s certainly in way above average condition both internally and externally, and in the way it drives. 
We’re selling these Black Mercs with a 6+ month MOT, new LOLER, fluid and filter change, return-to-base warranty, and the usual manuals and spare keys. We’re proud of what we sell, and I’m keenly aware that you’re putting your company name on the side of this so I want you to be proud of how it looks too. Call me to make an arrangement to view, we’ll give you a test drive, a demonstration of the platform, and I’ll be able to answer any questions you might have. Plus it’s good to see it in the flesh before committing yourself. 
This Versalift platform is from the newer model range, upgraded from the older “Eurotel” range which stood as a great machine for many years. This machine has 13.2M working height and it has 7M max outreach. With a bucket capable of carrying 200kg. 
So, for a fraction of the new cost we have a selection of Black Mercedes Sprinter 516CDi Versalift ETM-36-F6 units for sale, without the current 12 month wait for a new one. Or, order a new one and use this to tide you over until your new one is ready - I can get my contact at Versalift to contact you, if you like. 
Being a 5T machine, in the current used market, means that these are about £10k cheaper than if they were 3.5T equivalents, so that leaves plenty in the budget to get your drivers a 7.5T licence which costs about £1,000 as far as I’m aware. The advantage of the 5T van is you have approx 1,000KG payload after driver, passenger and fuel, as opposed to about 200KG in a Transit. Also, you can stand up in the back of the Mercedes, and there’s about 2-3 feet more interior length so carrying work kit is much easier - no need for a 2nd van. It also has more prestige than a Transit, Merc vans always look good on the fleet and they have a well deserved reputation for longevity, and an ability to cover massive mileages. Even the radio’s better. 
Please call us to arrange a demo and viewing, we don’t expect to see many other vans of this colour and calibre for a while yet 
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